Britney goes pantyless - Paris Hilton inspired to have Children?

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Britney Spears goes pantyless flashes her crotch and Paris Hilton is inspired to have children.

Paris Hilton is desperate to have a baby after befriending young mom Britney Spears. The fact that Britney has been running around without any underwear probably doesn't bother Paris, who has also provided online photographs of her naked crotch. The hotel heiress - who has been introducing Britney to the Los Angeles party circuit since she split from husband Kevin Federline - has become broody after helping look after the singer's two sons, 15-month-old Sean Preston and three-month-old Jayden James.
Paris is convinced she would be a good mother because she has so many pets. Paris told Life and Style Weekly magazine: "It's been my dream to have four babies by 30. I look after animals, so I'd have a lot to give my kids." The 25-year-old socialite is currently so in tune with her maternal instincts she recently left a nightclub early to go home with Britney and see her children. Paris told friends: "We're going home to the babies. We miss them." Pantyless Britney Spears Inspires Paris Hilton To Be A Parent?

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