Paris Hilton & Eglantina Zing bisexual kiss

Photos of Paris in passionate clinch with MTV Eglantina Zing.

Newspaper runs photos of Paris kissing Eglantina Zing while modelling

ABritish newspaper ran pictures of Hilton kissing Venezuelan MTV star EGLANTINA ZING during a modelling job and claimed the heiress and Spears had dabbled in sexual activities during a 19 November (06) sleepover in Las Vegas.
Spears ex-husband JASON ALEXANDER, who was married to the pop star for 55 hours, recently suggested Spears was bisexual in an interview, explaining,

"She found other girls attractive, yes, but we never did anything about it."

Paris bisexual kiss with Eglantina Zing

Paris kisses Eglantina Zing, is Britney Spears Next ???

There are new rumors about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Insiders say that there is more than just friendship between them. Paris Hilton shall have said that Paris loves Britney. Apparently, Paris has been seen before with another woman. The picture below shows a "kiss" with Eglantina Zing. The British magazine "News of the World" reported "that Paris just couldn?t resist from Venezuelan MTV moderator Eglantina Zing". Both really fell for each other. But this time, Britney is going be the "selective one". And there are more rumors. Eye witnesses report that Britney and Paris shall have been together in a restroom for 20 minutes. Afterwards they were seen together checking in a hotel suite. So what is going on between them Britney's mother Lynne is shocked about the recent incidents. She is afraid about the upcoming "child custody" process. On the other side, Kevin Federline hasn't created any scandals. He has been seen with a new look in a suit. While Britney was celebrating her 25 th birthday, she has been trying to work on her chipped image. She was spotted in a zoo with son Preston.

Britney, Paris' friend at zoo with Preston

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